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Dr SPORK is the mastermind behind a unique business that sees old, antique cutlery transformed from its original shape and purpose to something exquisite to adorn your arms, necks and walls. Don't leave Granny's old cutlery locked away in the drawers, when it deserves 'pride of place' and with a little gentle persuasion it can be transformed into a unique showpiece.

Born and raised in southern Tasmania, Gerard Webb aka DR SPORK is an artist with a unique talent of transforming old, antique cutlery into amazing, upcycled jewellery.

After travelling and working in various states of Australia, DR SPORK now embraces the glorious, relaxed lifestyle that only Tasmania can provide. Old spoons and forks are sourced from antique, vintage and opportunity shops throughout Tasmania and interstate.

DR SPORK twists and turns, bashes and smashes, rubs and scrubs and the results speak for themselves.

Please peruse our gallery for the latest designs as well as old favourites that can be made to order.

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