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NEW Products.....stay tuned something new is brewing in the house of Spork!

Our ideas are developing and our designs ever evolving and this is the page where you will see our new creations off the press!


SPOONDELIERS! Spoon Dangles and High Chimes

These colourful creations are made from the off cuts of sppons, forks and knives that are too difficult to bend. The beads used are glass and in keeping with our up-cycled style of creating, are sourced from op-shops, tip shops around Tassie. Designs vary and can be viewed regularly at the Richmond Village market and the upcoming Medieval Festival in New Norfolk on 26th November.


A definite conversation starter and unique art piece that will set you aside from the crowd.

Call or email us with orders and inquiries.


Antique forks twisted into unique shapes and styles to create a statement piece like no other.

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